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Karakteristika LAMBDA1000 LAMBDA2000 LAMBDA3000
Output power 1000 VA 2000 VA 3000 VA
Input voltage 160-275 V 160-275 V 160-275 V
Output voltage 230Vac, 63Vac 230Vac, 63Vac 230Vac, 63Vac
Output voltage waveform sinus sinus sinus
Output volt.THD <2% <2% <2%
Configuration on line, double conversion on line, double conversion on line, double conversion
Transfer time 0s 0s 0s
Autonomy 6min .. 12h 6min .. 12h 6min .. 12h
Battery recovery time 4h 4h 4h
Overload protection 120% load -> 5min, 150% load -> 10min 120% load -> 5min, 150% load -> 10min 120% load -> 5min, 150% load -> 10min
Dimensions 320x165x390mm 320x165x390mm 320x165x390mm
Diagnostic LCD 2x16char. LCD 2x16char. LCD 2x16char.
LED indicators 4 LEDs+LEDbar 4 LEDs+LEDbar 4 LEDs+LEDbar
Command 4 buttons 4 buttons 4 buttons
Autorestart yes yes yes
Communication USB serial USB serial USB serial
Operating temperature 0-55ºC 0-55ºC 0-55ºC
Processor control yes yes yes
Order code U1W102A220-220-LMD U1W102A220-63-LMD U1W202A220-220-LMD U1W202A220-63-LMD U1W302A220-220-LMD U1W302A220-63-LMD

UPS versions for CATV application are equipped with 230/63V galvanic insulation transformer with additional EMI filter.

Microprocessor controlled battery charging and UPS monitoring, with temperature compensation.

Providing power directly from the internal batteries (black start function).

Handles power problems: power spikes and transients, EMI/RFI noise, voltage sags and brownout conditions, harmonics, power-factor corrected loads, outages.